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CTV National News: Concerns About Salmon

Canada's CTV National News interviews co-author Dr. Kristy  Miller, head of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) about a 2018 study (Di Ciccio et al. 2018).  In this video she explains the difference between how PRV impacts Atlantic salmon and its potentially lethal consequence on Chinook salmon.

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Alexandra Morton Commentary on New PRV Study:
Di Ciccio et al. 2018

In May of 2018, a groundbreaking study was released by a team from the University of British Columbia and Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) looking into the impacts of Piscine Orthoreovirus (PRV) on farmed Atlantic and Chinook salmon in British Columbia. In this video B.C. biologist Alexandra Morton discusses the results of the study and the risk the virus poses for wild Pacific salmonids.

Asking Norway About the Piscine Reovirus

B.C. Film maker Twyla Roscovich travelled to Norway to ask scientists about the Norwegian PRV virus that now infects the BC and Washington salmon farming industry.

Racing a Virus

Independent researcher Alexandra Morton brings to light Canada's federal and provincial government attempts to cover-up the impacts of PRV.  This video  exposes how millions of Atlantic salmon infected with PRV have been allowed to be planted into salmon farms along the BC coast, thereby spreading the infection to wild salmon.  Click here for more information and access to the documents in this film.

Salmon Confidential

Salmon Confidential is a film focusing on Canada's government cover up of what is killing BC’s wild salmon. When biologist Alexandra Morton discovers BC’s wild salmon are testing positive for dangerous European salmon viruses associated with salmon farming worldwide, a chain of events is set off by government to suppress the findings. Tracking viruses, Morton moves from courtrooms, into British Columbia’s most remote rivers, Vancouver grocery stores and sushi restaurants.